Have you ever wished upon a star,
and nothing seemed to happen?
Even though you wished real hard,
with all your heart, soul, and passion.

Sometimes life seems that way,
when troubles get you down.
But be assured your dreams will come true,
when your time comes around.

Sometimes the stars need a little help,
from someone close to you.
So if we wish together,
then your wish is bound to come true.

I wish for you today, my friend,
peace wrapped up in angel wings.
To carry you throughout your day,
and inspiration for all your dreams.

Serenity to surround you,
hope to fill your world.
Comfort in the just knowing,
God wants your wish fulfilled.

Rainbows that fill your heart,
a beauty for your eyes to see.
Confidence for when you doubt,
and faith to help you believe.

And all the good things in this life,
that is around us everyday.
See the silver linings in the clouds?
That will wash your cares away?

Take the time to hear the music,
and see the stars dancing in the sky.
And as you wish upon it,
always know I will be standing close by.