mulla oo, mutta kun ei tässä nyt mihinkään muuhunkaan pysty keskittyyn, niin istuskelen koneella. Tiskattua sain ja laitettua ruokaakin jollain lailla, mutta siinä ne tän päivän hommat sitten on ollutkin.
Löysin taas ihanan runon:


Only God knew you would have times
When you needed a friend to help cheer
To say words of comfort
Or help wipe away your tears.

He knew you would have troubled times
That you would need to share
That's why he sent us Angels
To show you how much he cares.

In time when your heart feels heavy
From the troubles and discomfort you bare
He knew you would need comforting and love
To take away your feelings of despair.

God gave us prayers to call upon his help
We need his love and guidance too
He answers the heart that needs repair
This Angel, He sent just for you.




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